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New for 2014
ShootTechSystem AR480 crossbow
480fps with 65gr steelball
320fps with 350gr arrow
how to ues
Poppy Warner : Nice but very long and heavy...
Craig Carper : where can I buy an STS AR480 CROSSBOW?
Michael Wall : Excellent design
Gary Tremble : This crossbow has never existed it is impossible to find a distributor and now the Shoot Tech website has Malware warnings on when you try to access it. Don't bother trying to find one it looks suspiciously like the front end of a Swiss crossbow Twinbow II which went out of production years ago. There are genuine ball bearing firing crossbows like the Talon range but this seems to be a bit of a well constructed hoax.
Edgunsuk : please tell me you two didnt have a hand in making this thing .....

STS AR480-mk2 Shooting φ11 Steel Ball

20161216 iPhone SE
胡堇韬 : 老哥,来点完整的啊,看得清楚个毛啊
Soraset Khamlao : Very like,very like,
Soraset Khamlao : Price,price,price,?
Soraset Khamlao : I wants
Mala Vida : I own one of these and if you ever want to lose all your fingers carry on loading the weapon as you did.. Not a good idea.

Imam ke peeche fatiha padhne wale ke muh me angar dala Jayega? || STS480

Imam ke peeche fatiha padhne wale ke muh me angar dala Jayega? | امام کے پیچھے فاتحہ پڑھنے والے کے منہ میں انگار ڈالا جائے گا؟ | STS480

Sawal o jawab سوال و جواب
شيخ طاهر سنابلي حفظه الله، داعي جاليات القصيم، سعودي عرب

Shaikh Tahir Sanabili Hafizahullah, Al Qassim Dawah Center, Saudi Arabia

#SawalOJawab, #ShaikhTahirSanabili

Shaikh Tahir Sanabili Hafizahullah ke whatsapp sawal o jawab in links par share kiye jaen ge InShaAllah
شیخ طاہر سنابلی حَفِظَہ اللّٰہ کے وٹس ایپ سوال و جواب ان روابط پر شیر ہون گے ان شاء اللہ

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