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Tama Iron Cobra Hp900 Double Pedal - Speed Fast Test

Tama Iron Cobra Hp 900 Speed Fast Test - Arconda Drummer
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Iron Cobra power glide
cobra coil + heavy springs

Ankle motion
Swivel Technique

Metso Nordberg® HP900 cone crusher - Built for optimized performance

With over 10,000 installations worldwide, Metso’s Nordberg® HP Series™ cone crushers are an undisputed leader in cone crushing technology. We are now introducing an addition to our heritage with the Nordberg® HP900. This new unit provides increased performance, while reducing CAPEX. Find out more about the HP900 at https://www.metso.com/products/crushers/cone-crushers/nordberg-hp-series/nordberg-hp-900/

TAMA HP900RN Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Pedal Review by Sweetwater

Hey everybody, today we're taking a look at the TAMA HP900RN Iron Cobra Rolling Glide bass drum pedal! The Iron Cobra's design eliminates unwanted friction - you'll feel phenomenal smoothness and striking power every time you stomp on it, and you can easily adjust the feel according to your personal playing preferences. The drummers here at Sweetwater dig the LiteSprocket design (adopted from their iconic Speed Cobra series), which is 40% lighter than the previous Iron Cobra cam. The Power-Strike Cobra Beater delivers optimized beater action and an epic-sounding kick tone, while the Para Clamp II Pro keeps the HP900RN Iron Cobra Rolling Glide pedal firmly connected to your bass drum. Thanks for watching - click the link below for even more info on the HP900RN.

-- Nick D'Virgilio

Get the TAMA HP900RN Iron Cobra Rolling Glide pedal here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/HP900RN/




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