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Paslode/SPIT - Spitfire P370 - Cartridge Nailer

Designed for general contracting work including fixing formwork, timber to steel \u0026 concrete and membrane to waterproofing. Also appropriate for steel decking applications, drylining and plumbing. The P370 cartridge tool features PAT (Powder Actuated Tool) technology making it ideal for use in environments where alternative gas products are not practical. supplied with a 10 pin magazine with an automatic piston return and shock absorber for ease of use.

Fully Automatic Spitfire P370, the professional's choice for shot fired fixings into steel, concrete and masonry.


Paslode - Spit P370 Spitfire Magazine Cartridge Nailer

Experience the full range

Available from Brighton Tools \u0026 Fixings
Le villageois : Merci
MST '-' MAN : Thanks... But today, unfortunately, all parts of a product are made of damn plastic, which is not comparable to beautiful metal. This is often not because of necessity, but because of the cheapness of plastic and its easy and cheap molding, and of course the greater profit of the manufacturing companies. Today, this very ugly culture is seen among most small and large companies in the world, which immediately (consciously or unconsciously) turn to plastic to make every piece of a product.

Основные характеристики порохового монтажного пистолета Spitfire P370

На видео описываются характеристики порохового монтажного пистолета P370 Spitfire, производителя Spit - Франция, его вес, мощность, сила удара.
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Официальный импортер в Украине - ООО "Вайз тул"
Наталья Ковалёва : где можно посмотреть цены
josu Iachim : сколико стоит spit p370

Solaredge Power Optimizer P370 - zelf zonnepanelen installeren | Stralengroen

Als je zelf zonnepanelen gaat installeren op een Solaredge omvormer, dan heb je Solaredge Power Optimizers nodig! Achter elk zonnepaneel plaats je een power optimizer, waardoor ze elkaars presteren niet meer beïnvloeden. Perfect bij schaduw, degradatie, of als je verschillende merken en vermogens door elkaar gebruikt.

Tip: leg tijdens het installeren vast welk serienummer optimizer waar ligt!

Kijk voor meer informatie op onze website, www.stralendgroen.nl
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