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CDJ-2000: Overview

casperrogue : I'm glad to see its 2010 and Pioneer is finally catching up to what Native Instruments and Virtual DJ has already done for six years. There is nothing offered on this hardware that you can't already do via software and time coding your decks to it (You also save a crap load of money). You could use that 5 grand you would blow on these to, you know, build an actual studio in your basement and produce your own music instead of playing other people's.
Owen White : I wish I had half a cdj 2000 for every time he said "groundbreaking"
Tsuji87 : my friend is a dj and is gonna teach me how since i run an EDM night at this bar over here. gonna get to use his cdj2000's, djm800 and macbook pro with serato .this vid is making me more hyped for my initial practice sesh tonight
djktman : wow, that CDJ 2000 is to revolutionary. For it to come with a software is even better.
Sache0190 : Omg, what a masterpiece! :O

Pioneer CDJ-2000 Tutorial 2: Basics of Cues and Loops

Hey! You found this really old video on my channel! The information in here is still good, but you should check out the other videos on my channel for even more up-to-date information on how to use CDJs and rekordbox together to bring your DJ skills to a higher level.

In this video I show you the basics of how to set and call loops/cues on the Pioneer CDJ2000. This applies to all current generation CDJs with a USB port for playing rekordbox tracks.

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Steveri : oh god :D you were so young :D
makeyoufreak : Just a thought: If you're going to specifically highlight looping, you might want to pick a track that isn't just a kick and a snare. There's no audible difference between a 1-beat loop and a 16-beat loop.
oscar88orellana : Thanx man great video! For the past 6 years I've been a controller DJ and after watching this video a couple times I killed it at the club and it was my first time ever on the cdjs
Sarmed Nasery : Very helpful!! Finally, someone who does not take 30 minutes to explain a basic concept. Well done, and thank you for posting!
Mister Luxu : This video taught me exactly what i needed thanks man it was very useful and very well explained

DJ Ravine "Just messing around" on Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus and DJM 750 uhh...mix (ELECTRO)

My current DJ setup, streaming gear and recommendations - Got new gear! Just seeing what I can do on it.
1. Leave the world BFAM (Chardy \u0026 Trim Mash) - SHM, Laidback Luke vs Julian Jordan \u0026 Martin Garrix
2. Turn it up - Dimitri Vegas \u0026 Like Mike, GTA
3. Childish Grandpa - Julian Jordan \u0026 TV Noise
4. Sparks (Atmozfears \u0026 Audiotricz remix) - Fedde Le Grande, Nicky Romero Ft. Matthew Koma
5. Wakanda (Zatox remix) - Dimitri Vegas \u0026 Like Mike
6. Boy oh boy - Diplo \u0026 GTA

Gear used
1 x Pioneer DJM-750 Mixer
2 x Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus
1 x Pioneer HDJ-2000 Headphones
1 x Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 (Shared through ethernet link)

All music sorted with Rekordbox.


Latest Video
I bought a FULL DJ Setup for £100...(Hercules DJControl Starlight) -
Louie : The way you set-up and mix the tracks is just like Laidback Luke, and he does have some proper good skills on the CDJ's, props to you for a good mix, a lot of respect for your skills.
10s : As much as I love hearing any mix from Ravine, the reason I started watching his mixes years ago was because he was an electronic DJ on the internet who used vinyl, and I wanted to perform like him. I love DJ sets no matter what the source, but it's kind of a bummer to see the wheels of steel pushed aside...
HexTK : Awesome mix Ravine! I think in the last 3 years that I've been watching you, this is probably the first time you've used a complete and matching CDJ+DJM setup!
Seth Pike : Nice to see a video like this from you, Ravine. :) Thanks for uploading even if you thought it was a little sketchy. I'll go ahead and say that it wasn't your most impressive mix I've heard from you in my opinion but hey, man, seemed like you were having fun and you actually did a great job showing off some of the features the mixer, and CDJ's have. I'll admit it's strange that you have new equipment, not the signature 909 and blue Serato Vinyls. Keep rockin' and I hope to hear more from ya. :)
ezequiel alejandro : muy bueno!!! :D genial enganche de hace tiempo veo tus videos y veo como creeses con tus equipos y tu avilidad.. realmente sigue asi vas a llegar a ser el mejor.. suerte




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